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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christina & David

There's always firsts in our experiences as Wedding Videographers and we never know what to expect from one wedding to the next.

During Christina & David's photograph session, we almost experienced our first "Bride Scrap"!! We were filming at the St.Boniface Basilica, and I guess another bride was very impatient about the spot we were in and was very close to picking a fight with Christina! Christina was smart enough to keep her cool and just walk away. Lori and I thought we were going to have some wicked YOUTUBE footage, but it never happened. Oh well, we all had a good laugh about it later.

We met Christina and David at a previous wedding we filmed a couple of years ago and were fortunate to have the opportunity to film their big day! They were married at the Immaculate Conception Parish and they held their reception at the Holy Eucharist Parish Centre. We have done quite a few receptions at that hall and we have never seen it decorated the way they had it. Great job guys!

Well we didn't get the "Battle of the Brides" on film, but we did capture a food fight between Christina and David during the cake cutting.

Check it out at the end of their GARTER AND BOUQUET segment:

Here's their HIGHLIGHTS:

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