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Monday, March 23, 2009

Marissa & Neil

Marissa and Neil were married in "Trinidad" like weather on one of the hottest Saturdays of the summer.

Their ceremony was held at the Immanuel Pentecostal Church with the reception at the Hilton Suites.

This couple and their families and friends know how to PARTY! The Hilton staff said they never went through so many "beverages" as they did with this wedding! Marissa's parents had to order extra "vino" for dinner! The night was a lot of fun with a Caribbean feel.

They probably had the best MC in the city host the reception. Charles Edwards, who happens to be a personal friend of ours, almost stole the show. Trust us, we have seen alot of MC's, and Chuck definitely blew them all away.

We also had the privilege of working with Frank Yong, who did the photography. He is always a blast to talk technical stuff with. Check out his photos further down.

Anyways, back to Marissa and Neil as it was their day! Marissa is a very funny girl. When they came to pick up the videos, she had Lori and I busting a gut with laughter. We found it so cute how Neil would just giggle while Marissa "comedied" on! They must have so much fun together!

Oh yeah, special shout out to Lucille who is always on our blog. Thanks for increasing our visitor hits! (You better leave a comment!)

Here's their highlights:

You can check out Neil's groom prep here

And here's Frank Yong's photographs:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

McNeill Media goes "Global"!

Lori and I were very honoured when Trina Maus of Global TV asked us to provide footage from our previous weddings to be shown on their news program. Two of our favourite couples were shown as "B-Roll" footage on a feature called "Affordable Weddings". They were Nicole and Martin and Erin and Milos. Our buddy, Joel Ross, one of Winnipeg's elite photographers also made the "cut"!

Check it out here:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hi Def Coming soon!

Lori and I are currently experimenting with High Definition Video that we will be offering in the near future. We are testing different cameras, software, and computer hardware in our process to make this happen. We want to make sure we can produce the best quality end product for our clients before making it available in our packages.

For a sneak peek, check out one of our Hi Def examples here

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kim & Rod

Lori and I had the pleasure of filming 2 of the most likable people you will ever meet. Kim married Rod at a beautiful ceremony held at the Royal Crown in Fort Garry Place. It felt neat working on a Friday and it was great having a Saturday off. I wish there were more weddings like that!

I had the opportunity to film at one of the coolest locations for a groom's photograph session. We shot Rod and the boys at his Dad's airplane close to Teulon Manitoba. Check out the video:

Scott, Rod's brother's speech was very entertaining and emotional. He had a little bit called "Fun Rod, Work Rod" We just had to post it:

We also had a great time working with Jocelyne of Reflections by Jocelyne Brown photography. She was very upbeat and energetic which always makes our jobs so much easier. Check out her photos further down.

Thank you Rod and Kim for giving us the opportunity to not only film your big day but also having the pleasure of meeting you both!

Check out their Highlights here

Here's Jocelyn's pictures. You can check her stuff out at