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Friday, January 30, 2009


Our buddy Trevor of Trevor Brucki Photography is a very brave man.

Trevor and I(Don) were having a nice chat just outside the Buttercup Beauty Bar booth at the Wonderful Wedding Show when one of the ladies approached Trevor and asked if he would like to have his eyebrows "threaded". He thought about it and almost declined until I offered to film him having it done. Of course Trevor jumped at the chance to be in front of a camera instead of behind one!

Just so you know:

"Threading is an ancient method of hair removal used to give clean lines and good shape to the eyebrows and hairs on the face.

Threading involves rolling twisted pure cotton threads over untidy hairlines to pluck hair. The threading pulls out a whole row of hair which contrasts to the tweezing of individual hairs."

Here's the video:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green Streets Seminar Videos

We had the opportunity to film 2 great seminars at the Wonderful Wedding Show. The Green Streets Seminars were sponsored by greenvites eco-stationery, PULP & Circumstance, a member of the Eco Luxe Event Design Group. The group also includes My Secret Garden Floral Design, Sweet Impressions, and one of our favourite high energy photographers, Patty Boge of Off The Page Photography.

Thank you Yoko for allowing us to film the seminars!

Here's Joel Ross (another one of our faves) of Joel Ross Photography giving some tips to brides about posing:

and Vintage Bling presenting original handmade jewelry:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jodi & Josh

One of our favourite couples we had the pleasure to capture in 2008 was Jodi & Josh. This couple is so fun and easy going that their wedding day just flew by. Lori and I felt more like guests on their day instead of just their "paparazzi".

Jodi and Josh had a beautiful outside wedding at The Gates and the weather was absolutely perfect. They, along with all of their energetic, fun family partied the night away at one of the most elegant receptions we have ever attended.

Funny story about the wedding custom something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue we thought we would share:

Jodi had everything covered except the something blue part when the day started. Well, when we went for photographs in the Exchange District, they posed for some fun pictures on a play structure. Jodi pressed up against one of the structures and didn't realize that there was blue chalk on it. Unfortunately, the chalk ended up on her dress. wouldn't come off! We all held our breath waiting for Jodi to lose it! But Jodi took it in stride and kept her cool. Josh was even surprised! So Jodi ended up with something blue anyways!!

Thanks guys for the great day and thanks for all the referrals! ;)

Here's their Photo session:

and their growing up Photo Montage:

You can also find Jodi's Bride Prep here

and their Highlights here

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"W"hat's up with Trevor?

One of our favourite photographers, Trevor Brucki is having a contest to win either a $25 Starbucks Gift Card and/or an Apple Ipod. It has something to do with the Letter "W"

Check it our here:
Wedding Photographer: Trevor Brucki Photography - THE BLOG. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: W is for...

Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Wonderful Wedding Show

Well it's that time of year again. We once again have a booth at the Wonderful Wedding Show at the Convention Cenre this Friday the 16th through to Sunday the 18th. We are located at booth 905 on the 3rd floor.

We will also have an additional video setup at the Green Street Seminars by Pulp & Circumstance booth on the second floor. They are located at booths S32, S33, and S34.

If you get a chance, come by and see us. We'd love to chat!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christina & David

There's always firsts in our experiences as Wedding Videographers and we never know what to expect from one wedding to the next.

During Christina & David's photograph session, we almost experienced our first "Bride Scrap"!! We were filming at the St.Boniface Basilica, and I guess another bride was very impatient about the spot we were in and was very close to picking a fight with Christina! Christina was smart enough to keep her cool and just walk away. Lori and I thought we were going to have some wicked YOUTUBE footage, but it never happened. Oh well, we all had a good laugh about it later.

We met Christina and David at a previous wedding we filmed a couple of years ago and were fortunate to have the opportunity to film their big day! They were married at the Immaculate Conception Parish and they held their reception at the Holy Eucharist Parish Centre. We have done quite a few receptions at that hall and we have never seen it decorated the way they had it. Great job guys!

Well we didn't get the "Battle of the Brides" on film, but we did capture a food fight between Christina and David during the cake cutting.

Check it out at the end of their GARTER AND BOUQUET segment:

Here's their HIGHLIGHTS: