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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dena & Doug

2008 was a wedding season that had multiple Saturdays of rain. Dena and Doug's special day was one of those that fell into that category. It was not at all expected as the morning was blistering hot and the sky was a bright blue with not a cloud to be seen. But as soon as the ceremony started, so did the rain.

We were forced to video most of the photography session inside the Red River College Princess Campus. It was our first time shooting there, and we were pleasantly surprised with the results. This was definitely the result of working with one of our favourite photographers, Jeremy Hiebert. Lori and I rank him very high on our list of photographers we truly enjoy working with. Check out some of his photos further down the page.

We met Doug at a previous wedding we filmed and found out how much this guy likes to have fun. We had a lot of laughs with both him and Dena including the time they crashed a wedding Lori and I were filming! They even left a best wishes message to the couple! Thanks a ton guys for all the craziness!

Here's their Photograph session:

and Dena's Bride Prep:

Doug's Groom Prep can be found here

And check out the photos taken by Jeremy Hiebert Photography:

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Don and Lori, we had a great time working with you and we are very impressed with the finished product.
    Dena & Doug

    ps. let us know if you are heading out to any fun weddings in the near future...we are always up for wedding crashing!