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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Carmen & Jason

Carmen and Jason tied the knot in and outside ceremony at the Breezy Bend Country Club and ended the night with an elegant reception at the same venue.

Lori and I met Carmen and Jason for the first time on the day of their wedding as all the planning was done by Carmen's mom, Sandy. We immediately felt comfortable and at ease when we started the day with this great couple and family.

We were also treated to some very unique and awesome locations thanks to the very talented photographer, Jeremy Dueck. (Check out his photos further down.) We started in Headingly and made our way towards LaSalle along the South Perimeter stopping whenever anything caught Jeremy's eye.

Thank You Carmen and Jason for giving us the opportunity to film your most important day!

Here's their Photograph Session:

and their Highlights:

And photos from Jeremy Dueck Photography Inc.:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Erin & Milos

On another one of the many rainy Saturdays of 2008, Erin and Milos tied the knot at the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral. It was the first ceremony that we shot at this beautiful church.

Their reception was held at the Fort Garry Hotel and I don't think Lori and I have ever been surrounded by so many dentists! It was also the first Serbian party we have attended and man do they know how to celebrate. Throw some Ukrainians into the mix and it just adds to the fun!

Lori and I were also blown away watching Milos perform. This guy cannot only fix your teeth but he can sing too!

We were also honoured to have Erin and Milos appear on Global News from video we submitted for a wedding spot they were covering. Check it out further down.

We once again had the opportunity to work with William Au who did the photography. He is always great to work with and his work is fantastic. He definitely falls into our top 10 photographers in the city. Check out some of the pics further down.

Thanks again Milos and Erin for being so great on your special day. It was a pleasure capturing all of your special moments!

Here's their Photograph session:

and Erin's Bride Prep:

and the Global News spot:

You can find their Highlights here

and the photographs from William Au Photography: